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Piercing as a Way to Underline a Girl’s Personality!

They say that never judge a book by its cover. If you also think in the same line, then you should be surprised to learn that you are far from fact. As much as this philosophy has some truth in it, it does not apply to all circumstances. Some people are exactly how you see them. This draws in the fact that some call girls use body piercing and tattooing to underline their personalities. You should make time to mingle with girls in this industry and you will be surprised at the similarity in their personalities. They almost have the same type of piercings and tattoos. If you love hiring escort services, then you should try to understand the different types of piercings that are available in the industry today. Surprisingly, each of these piercings has a special meaning.

The best way to understand these piercings and their meanings is to research widely on the internet and other sources of information such as magazines. You can even interview some of the escorts who have the piercings and find out how they use them to underline their personalities in the industry. Good news is that there is a lot of information on piercing as a way to underline a girl’s personality. This passage will help you to understand the various types of body piercings that girls to enhance their personalities especially the ones in the escort industry. The most common type of piercing in the escort industry is known as the industrial piercing. A lot of girls like this type of piercing because it is more elaborate and revealing.

In industrial piercing, a girl pierces two holes in her ear and then links the two holes with a single piece of jewelry. This type of piercing comes with a few distinguishing variations. For instance, it is only done in the ears. It is also important to note that this process is quite a painful one and therefore it requires a lot of perseverance. This can therefore be used to signify boldness and courage on the side of the girl. So if you are dealing with an escort who has this type of piercing, you need to be very keen because she will definitely give you an experience that you have not had in ages. They are bold enough to give you services that even your spouse can’t afford to give.

The other common type of piercing is the anti- Tragus style. This style is unique and rare mainly because many peoples’ Tragus’ are very small. But you can still use a micro jewelry to acquire this style. The good thing about this style of piercing is that it heals faster than the rest. Girls use different methods to heal their Anti-Tragus piercing. For instance, they can use ball end rings or the curved barbell. This type of piercing is meant to signify tolerance since it involves immense pain. There are a lot of risks involved in piercing the Tragus especially the need to apply special healing methods to avoid deformity. Try to understand as many piercing styles as you can so that you can understand people’s personalities.